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This Month In History....

September if full of events and activities, but let's talk holidays! This month we celebrate El Grito De Lares. Check out our events page to see what's going on in and around the city to celebrate and remember this day.




Sept. 2

Independence Day for Belize. Belize was known as British Honduras prior to their independence from the United Kingdom on September 21, 1981.


Sept. 8

Feast of Nuestra Señora de la Caridad del Cobre, patron of Cuba.


Sept. 10

St. George’s Cay Day (Belize). The Battle of St. George’s Cay in 1798 was won by a handful of locals over a superior Spanish force.


Sep 15

Independence Day for Central American nations (El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua). Commemorates the declaration of independence from Spain in 1821.


Sep 16

Mexican Independence Day or 16 de septiembre, celebrates the day that Miguel Hidalgo delivered El Grito de Dolores, and announced the Mexican revolt against Spanish rule.


Sep 18

Independence Day for Chile. Also known as Fiestas Patrias and El Dieciocho.


Sept 23

Grito de Lares. Anniversary of the uprising that initiated the movement for Puerto Rican independence from Spain.


Sep 21

Independence Day for Belize.